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About Me

About Me

Loop me in with the big dreamers. My ambition and passion for a project are limitless. When my creative mind starts crafting up a new online experience or social media story, I go into overdrive. For me, a career is much more than an everyday job that pays the bills. No. It's much more than that. It's a dream and vision that is to be shared with the world, and that's how I have always viewed my career path.


Growing up in a cornfield-ridden small town in Ohio, I spent much of my time tapping into the creative side of my mind; dreaming of adventure in vibrant colors. I became a lover of music, movies and television; especially nature and wildlife documentaries. I never lost that love as I grew up, and went to school for broadcast journalism in hopes to become a TV producer or wildlife documentarian. Then the social media boom came and I was emersed in its outspoken glory.


In 2014, I graduated from Kent State University with a Master's Degree in Media Management with a concentration in Social Media Management. I became incredibly passionate (and still am) about using social media in business, which lead me to great opportunities in digital and social with a national TV and retail network -- HSN. A new wave of social media storytelling and strategy came my way when Clearwater Marine Aquarium invited me to become its eCommerce and Retail Marketing Manager for its non-profit and rescue facility. I dove into the world of marine life rescue and leveraging social, email and online platforms to raise revenue for a better tomorrow for hundreds of marine life animals and the next generation. With a successful launch of Clearwater Marine Aquarium's new brand Marine Life Rescue™ and exhibit showing at Surf Expo 2019, I ventured to SPARK Branding House to continue my passion for social media full-time as a Senior Social Media Manager for prominent tourism, retail, food, and non-profit clients, helping clients craft memorable social media experiences and manage/grow communities across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Today, I am leading social media strategy for HSN,  managing the organic social and influencer teams  to grow new customers, followers, traffic and sales. My role also collaborates with platform representatives to participate in new BETA tests and platform features for all social teams.



From fashion to movie partnerships to wildlife rescues, I've been #blessed to experience it all and share it online through national and local brands' social media accounts.

Analytics. Web marketing. Promotion planning. Seasonal shopping stories. Interactive social eCommerce experiences. Been there, done that! 

Dive into a new world of retail. I co-created Marine Life Rescue™ and owned the branding -- from the website to social and all the way down to product labels and brochures.

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2400 Feather Sound Drive​

Clearwater, FL 33762
Tel: 330.418.2918

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